Summary for OPW internship 2013

Sat 06 April 2013


  1. Added Mallard based help for GNOME Terminal which was merged to master.
  2. Participated in the Docs Sprint at Brno, CZ remotely :)
  3. Added Mallard based help for GNOME Dictionary.
  4. With help from my mentor (Kittykat) I was able to rebase and merge a branch to master and thus levelled up from Git basic user to Git intermediate!
  5. Put together a recommended workflow practices for newbie interns in documentation.
  6. Contributed to gedit help pages and the work was merged to master.
  7. Started working on Rhythmbox help pages
  8. Filed and solved random bugs.
  9. To help newbie interns in India have a full picture of the visa application before they apply for one in order to attend a GNOME related event, I wrote Visa Help. It's currently in talks to be included for a book that wants to write as part of their book sprint.

After internship plans:

  1. Tie up loose ends in Terminal and Dictionary help by finishing stubbed and adding new pages as required.
  2. Work on Rhythmbox and gedit help pages.
  3. Write a thesis to clinch my Master's degree in the final semester at college, Mallard Vs Sphinx - a study from ground up ;)
  4. Work on arbitrary solving bugs in GNOME User and developer guide (Solving bugs gives me instant shots of happiness!)
  5. Help a classmate (who's very enthusiastic about all the stuff I did so far) learn Gnu/Linux, GNOME and apply for the OPW round 6!
  6. Compete for GSOC 2013.
  7. Cross my fingers for GHC Call for participation result on May 17th!

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