Hacker School

Mon 21 April 2014

I am very pleased to tell you that I am going to attend Hacker School this fall :-) The process was short and fast with a application form, two short Skype interviews and voila! I was in :)

To all those who asked me, "How was it?", I tell you, you should apply too :) If programming pikes your curiosity enough to spend hours at a stretch at it chasing a bug, building something and deriving satisfaction out of understand how software (and a bunch of them mashed together) work, then Hacker School is for you!

When I was asked what is the most fascinating thing I learnt recently I mentioned: Docker project - this thing can eliminate the need for VMs...well almost :) Related to it is an issue I faced when I messed up my existing Arch Linux installation and the kernel could find no hard disk to boot from and then I learnt this and it lead to me reading http://kernelnewbies.org/RootFileSystem.

So, at Hacker School, I intend to...

Focus Areas: The Linux Kernel, Web Programming/Dev Operations Focus platforms/languages:

  • [Web]: Python, Rails/Ruby, Databases(What?Why?How?)
  • [Systems]: C, Go (or Rust?)


  • Counting days left for NYC
  • Lots of meta Hacker School planning (grant, accomodation et al)
  • Setting up stuff to learn about Kernel
  • Reading Apprenticeship patterns by Hoover and Oshineye.
  • Mentoring for Outreach Program for Women (Documentation)

Category: Internship