Wed 13 February 2013

I've fallen behind work due to interruptions like college exams + college exams getting postponed, setting up a decent testing environment and lately visa work for Docs Sprint (included traveling to Delhi and back...that's 2800+ kms in one day). Owing to these I've lost a good 20 days. Wew!

I've been inching along and there's a more to go before I can review the same with the developers, intrupted again by GUI changes in GNOME Terminal, the latest ones in 3.7.3 on master include...

  1. Saving contents of Terminal tab/ single window as a text file.
  2. Profile Preferences now includes settings peculiar to a profile and general settings are now seperated into a Preferences dialog.
  3. Profiles have auto generated IDs that are now displayed to the user.

But you gotta write on and it's one of the things I enjoy! I haven't had any difficulties writing for am able to write instructions in whatever level of difficulty the task requires me to. I've had trouble choosing from the various Mallard tags available, we're really spoilt for choice here...not that it's a bad thing :) Though am not able to decide the flow of help in a page really well so I've to accomodate more time to revisioning than I initially estimated.

GNOME Dictionary was supposed to be underway in Feb but it will have to wait till March....which will be a good start because I will be speaking at Barcamp Bangalore to be held at SAP Labs, Whitefield, Bangalore :)

Category: Internship