Gist it!

Fri 18 April 2014

So I wrote a script for gEdit's External Tools plugin called Gist it!. The code is here. Like all things recursive, I dogfooded the script of my accounbt :) Watch how it works in this screencast video.

I came up with the idea for Hacker School interview round 2. It was based on the fpaste script for the same project. The code is mainly for use inside gEdit editor with the External Tools plugin enabled. The code has three external dependencies that may not be available by default on your computer even if you have GNOME desktop installed. It's a python3 script so make sure you pip3 install requests module, gi.repository module. Install zenity via your system's package manager.

I could have removed the dependency on zenity by simply using gi.repository's function to build Dialogs but that means longer code and eyesore reducing reability. Zenity is concise and pretty :)

Category: Internship